Other Services

Pre-reading Groups:

  • For children ages 4-6
  • Up to 3 students in each group
  • Designed to teach basic phonemic awareness (sound discrimination, blending, segmentation, rhyming, etc.), letter names/sounds, basic language concepts, and other reading readiness skills
  • Groups are 45 minutes in length

Summer Book Clubs:

  • For students in grades 3-8
  • Up to 4 students of similar ages and levels per group
  • Students will read a novel and will discuss various elements (ex: setting, plot, characters, themes, etc.) within the group.
  • Decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension strategies will be infused into the sessions.
  • Some reading will be completed at home and some within the group.  Any written assignments required for school will be worked on within the group.
  • Group will run for 6 weeks.  Sessions will be 1 hour in length.


Evaluation Interpretation/Consultation:

Previously completed evaluations can be brought in and will be reviewed, explained, and interpreted in "parent/student friendly" language.

Parent questions and concerns can be discussed and recommendations will be offered.

These services are available separately to parents of students who are not currently being tutored at Accessible Reading, as well as to those who are in the tutoring program.


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